6 OSINT Web Tools That Are Free and you Should Be Using

I’ll list six tools that are available to anyone, free open source intelligence (OSINT) programs in this articles. I’ll briefly explanation of them and provide some usage examples for these services.

1:Google images

Link: https://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en-GB&tab=ri&ogbl

It should go without saying that anyone involved in cyber security are aware of Google Images. However, it is an extremely effective tool that ought to be in every OSINT investigator’s arsenal. Simply dragging and dropping an image from your local drive into the search bar have option to you : copy text, and search for locations/products/famous people and translate.

2:Way Back Machine/Internet Archive

Link: https://archive.org/

The Internet Archive is a digital library that was startes in 1996 and offers free access to a variety of digitized resources, such as print, audiovisual, software, websites, and music.
The archived webpages are one of the key areas you can utilize this site for. Put simply, websites from years ago can find old pages that are no exist.


Link: https://epieos.com/

An excellent browser tool that can perform phone number and email lookups. Those who have Gmail accounts It is especially useful for users .There are additional features that require an account, but the service can comb the internet for useful information just by using the basic user access.

In the example below, I located the following using a Gmail account:
⦁ User of the accounts name
⦁ Their Identity
⦁ Activity on Google Maps
⦁ Google calendar Link (make sure it’s private)
⦁ Any archives information from Google Plus’s

Use this website try searching your own Google account it maygive you some insights into your personal digital footprint.
For my self, I’ve discovered that this tool, which can create a picture of where I’ve been, makes it simple to find all of my Google Maps information, including reviews and images of restaurants etc. I’m not sure if I’ll keep contributing, just in case any nefarious actors start stalking me.


Link: https://whatsmyname.app/

With the help of this application, you to find usernames on a variety of websites. The tool will list all of the usernames you type in the search box, whether you enter one or more.

5:Have I Been Pwned

Link: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Using this tool, users can determine whether personal information linked with their email address has ever been compromised due to previous data breaches. Although knowing is useful to see where the status of your personal accounts stand , it is not limited the only one.
To find out if other people have also been victims of data breaches, you can look through their accounts.Even if I don’t support doing this, it’s important to remember that malicious actors may also be able to access this and may be able to find your personal information in one of these breaches where information has been leakedto the online.

6:DNS Dumpster

Link: https://dnsdumpster.com/

This one jumping more into the technical aspects of reconnaissance and footprinting. DNS Dumpster can use to map the attack surface of an organization which can be useful that red teams and blue teams. The following information on any DNS is provided by the tool:
⦁ GeoIP
⦁ Hosint
⦁ MX Records
⦁ TXT Records
⦁ DNS Servers
⦁ Host Records (A)
⦁ Map of the domain

Thank You. Stay tuned for more.

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