In 2019, Boston’s Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) Company had officially announced the first-ever automated cargo hauler named “the Gita”. But now after the two years later, the company has now officially announced a more flexible version of the Gita Robotic Bagpack which is now known as the Gitamini.

The Gita (2019) was capable of carrying up to 44 pounds of items in luggage with a speed of 22 mph. Well, on the other side the Gitamini weights around 28 pounds and can carry up to 20 pounds of gear due to the external handles. The Gitamini can be easily lift over stairs and other obstacles. The Gitamini can works for about six hours without any recharge.

In addition, this automated cargo hauler now have advanced features like optics and machine vision which allows the machine to recognize and follow its taker. This machine can follow his leader using only visual and radar cues like color and motion. In a Addition, no internet or GPS is required for this bag.

The Gitamini Robotic Bagpack can also be used by ‘pedestrian etiquette software’. This software will basically allows the robot to follow its leader at a certain distance while anticipating people in the environment.

“Seeing the initial consumer response to Gita proved to us what a pioneer the product was within the consumer robotics industry. The ask to ourselves then became, ‘how do we take what we have heard from people and create something different for a new segment of consumers?’’

Greg Lynn CEO at PFF said,

In starting, The Gitamini Robotic Bagpack will go on sale around October 15th has a price tag of $1,850 (3,15,241 PKR). After Sale the original Gita will be priced at around $3,250 which is around about 5,53,802 PKR.

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