BSOD – The Blue Screen of Death is Now Black in Windows

According to The tech gaint site Verge, Windows 11 will have the feature of a Black Screen of Death on the place of Blue Screen of death. It will be the bigger twist in the Windows interface since Microsoft added QR codes to it in 2016.

BSOD is a stop error of windows, commonly come when windows are unable to solve fatal system error. It shows a system crash, in which the operating system are unable to operate safely.

BSOD are generally caused by problems related to computer’s Hardware failure, any Software issue, Window Corruption or any type of malicious virus activity. Sometimes, they can be caused by issues with low-level software running in the Windows kernel.

BSOD – Blue Screen of Death

Till time, Microsoft hasn’t enabled the new Black Screen Of Death in Windows 11, Because Windows 11 is in preview or an initial stage. Well, Windows Insider builds have featured a Green Screen of Death since 2016. As Gizmo do notes, If someone wants to enable the new BSOD in the current preview build, he has to edit his Windows registry and definitely not worthy. Because no one want to see this Windows error.

It’s unclear by Microsoft that why they are changing the color of the Blue Screen of Death. However, The Verge suggests it could be because the company is already working on the Windows interface to make the OS feel more modern.

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