Careem has taken the next step in delivering food items through a drone technology. This would revolutionize the whole system of delivery. It would be less dependency on human efforts.

According to the Careem, It would upscale the platform. Recently a test experiment was conducted where Drone was used to deliver food items into a small number of clients who resided in small areas.

“Once we have finalized the feasibility and are sure that we can move this project forward to the next stage. We intend to get the relevant regulatory approvals/permissions as needed by law.”
“Careem’s mission is to use effective technology to simplify and improve people’s lives, and our brand isn’t afraid to do things differently and stand out. The drone delivery test is one example of how our teams are always developing and experimenting with new ways to excite and serve our customers.”

Careem says

This Drone technique has been implemented in many countries, and Careem is expected to be partnered with fast-food companies in Pakistan to increase their success and profit margin.