Almost everyone in the house plays PUBG mobile. But they are defeated by other players. So, they want to play like a professional and want the ultimate no recoil sensitivity settings in PUBG mobile. In this guide, we will help you to get zero Sensitivity. So, today we will discuss the best PUBG sensitivity without gyroscope and without customize any control. By doing this you can play with to master every gun.

Controlling the recoil of the guns in PUBG Mobile helps you to increase aim accuracy. It also saves your bullet. When you can control the recoil of the gun taking mid-range fights become a lot easier.

The Best Sensitivity Settings You Must Try in PUBG Mobile! What is?

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What does it mean by recoil?

Understanding the term recoil is like understanding the Newton’s third law of Motion. We know, Newton’s third law of motion states that,

To every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

In PUBG mobile game, when you fire the bullets from any gun, the bullets go out in a great speed from your gun and hence, you feel the backward jerk produced by the gun when it fiercely threw the bullet away. This backward jerk is called recoil.

The higher the velocity of the firing of the gun are, the higher the recoil you may face. So, you may have determined that, once you use SMGs or pistols, you do not feel abundant recoil however once you use AR or Bolt Action Rifles then you’re feeling high recoil due to the speed the bullet goes out from the gun.

Have a look at this sensitivity that you can try for yourself:

In order to get Zero Recoil Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile, You have to follow these Steps

PUBG MOBILE Best Sensitivity for No Recoil Gaming Season 19

Step1:- Uninstall the PUBG that you Downloaded from playstore

Step2:- Download the PUBG MOBILE NO RECOIL GL FILE from the Given button

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Step3:- After Download PUBG MOBILE NO RECOIL GL FILE, Now Download zarchiver from Google Playstore.  

Step4:- Now open zarchiver and extract Downloaded PUBG MOBILE NO RECOIL GL FILE,

Step5:- This file is Password protected so Enter TECHNICALMEERYT Password in order to extract it.

Step6:- After Extract, First Install 5_6111597488496444017.apk and then follow these steps.

Step7:- Copy game_patch_1.4.0.15151.pak file.

Step8:- Now paste this file as given order

Step9:- Now Simply paste configuration file in Paks Folder.

After Pasting it, Simple open PUBG and Enjoy.