Elon Musk do whatever he wants. According to the recent news, Tesla is developing a 5’8” Tesla Bot. It is expected to come in market next year. On Tesla’s inaugural AI Day, Elon Musk announce that the company is working on a new humanoid Ai Bot. This was streamed on the company’s website Thursday night.

What is Tesla Bot?

A Tesla Bot is a humanoid robot that makes life easier by completing daily tasks like picking up groceries up from store or attaching bolts to cars. Elon Musk’s prototype bot is 5ft 8in tall have the weighs of 125 pounds and can walk 5mph in speed. The robot will supposedly be available in 2022.

Credit:- Tesla

This humanoid robot will have Tesla’s experience with Ai Power. The company’s Autopilot driver assistance software is used in the hardware and software of this bot.

Tesla Working on ‘Tesla Bot’ Humanoid Robots for ‘Boring Tasks’, CEO Elon Musk Says

“Basically, if you think about what we’re doing right now with cars, Tesla is arguably the world’s biggest robotics company because our cars are like semi-sentient robots on wheels, With the Full Self-Driving computer, which will keep evolving, and Dojo and all the neural nets recognizing the world, understanding how to navigate through the world, it kind of makes sense to put that on to a humanoid form.”

CEO Elon Musk said,
Credit:- Tesla

Elon Musk also said they are working on it so that a human being can run away from it and overpower it easily. This bot will have the weight of 125 pounds. It will be able to walking gait of 5 miles per hour. This tesla bot can carry 45 pounds (20kg) of weight. On the Face front side it will be a screen that displays important relevant information.

Interestingly, Musk is imagining this as replacing much of the human labor work.  “In the long term I do think there needs to be universal basic income,” Musk said. “But not right now because the robot doesn’t work.     

Elon Musk finished off by inviting engineers to “join our team and help us build this. Well, Tesla is not the only company that produce a humanoid robot. Honda’s Asimo robot is incredibly advanced. Toyota and GM also have their own robots.


Elon Musk didn’t give any clue as about the Tesla Bot price, but some techy people are guessing on Twitter.

As you have to pay $10,000 on the make of top of the Tesla car self-driving cars. So some are estimating the Tesla Bot could be a similar price. One person also tweeted: “The OH MY GOD, the Tesla bot is going to be when the price is unveiled at less than $10,000.”

Elon Musk – Tesla

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