BERLIN: A joint European-Japanese space-craft got its first look of Mercury as this craft is on a mission to deliver two probes into orbit in 2025.

The mission named BepiColombo. BepiColombo is a joint mission of the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The mission comprises two satellites launched together to the Mercury Planet. This mission made the first of six flybys by using the planet gravity of Mercury at 11:34pm on Friday.

On Mercury at altitudes of under 200 kilometers, the European-Japanese space-craft took a low-resolution black-and-white photo.

This black and white captured image shows the Northern Hemisphere and Mercury’s characteristic pock-marked features, among them the 166-kilometre-wide Lermontov crater.

The European Space Agency said,

The European agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Joined the mission was launched in 2018. European-Japanese space-craft already fly once around the Earth and twice around the Venus.

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