Recently an Israeli firm attacked on ten thousands of smartphone numbers, including activists, journalists, business executives and politicians around the world.

In them, One number once used by Prime Minister Imran Khan was also targeted by the malware. This NSO Group and its Pegasus malware is capable of switching a phone’s camera or microphone on and harvesting the data.

What is NSO?

NSO Group Technologies is an Israeli technology firm. This firm has spyware called Pegasus enables the remote surveillance of smartphones. It was founded in 2010. It employed almost 500 people as of 2017, and is based in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, Israel.

India tried to hack PM Imran’s phone using Israel Spyware

The Washington Post, The Guardian, Le Monde and other media outlets investigated this on Sunday. The NSO Group has been in the headlines since 2016. According to the leak there are 50,000 smartphone numbers believed to have been identified as connected to NSO clients since 2016. Although, it was unclear how many devices were actually targeted.

On the list were 15,000 numbers in Mexico, 300 in India, including politicians and prominent journalists. The Washington Post stated that India was one of the 10 countries listed as a client of the Pegasus malware.

India targeted a phone which was earlier in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s use, through the malware. Several Pakistani officials, Kashmiri freedom fighters, Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, an Indian supreme court judge were also targeted

Israel’s Haaretz reported on Monday

According to the Washington Post said, There are 37 Hacked smartphones on the list that had been “attempted and successful”. In which including those of two women close to Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The list of targeted numbers included

  • Several members of Arab royal families
  • 65 business executives
  • 85 human rights activists
  • 189 journalists
  • more than 600 politicians and government officials e.g:- heads of state, prime ministers and cabinet ministers

However, no newspaper report confirmed that the attempt on Prime Minister Imran’s number was successful.

The attacked countries include: Azerbaijan, Mexico, Morocco, RwandaBahrain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The NSO has denied by labelling the allegations “false”. “We firmly deny the false allegations made in their report,” the NSO said. Stay tuned with Technical Meer for latest leaks and updates.