In this article you will learn how to download, install and crack Burpsuit professional on kali linux.

What is BurpSuit Professional?

BurpSuit Professional is the web security tester tool used by Professional Hackers and Pentesters. It used to automate repetitive testing taks. BurpSuit pro can help you to test for OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities and many other hacking techniques.

How to Download BurpSuit Professional for Linux?

You can download the BurpSuit Pro from the given button.

How to Install and Crack BurpSuit Professional in Linux?

In order to install Burpsuit Pro in your kali linux, just follow the steps.

  • First of all open root terminal by giving command.
sudo su
  • Now change the working directory to Download directory and unzip the file.
cd Downloads
unzip unzip Burpsuite\
  • After unzip the file, change the Download directory to Burpsuit directory. and run the following command.
cd Burpsuite
java -noverify -jar ESEdition.jar
  • A pop will open on display. click on run button, if nothing happend you have to download java 8.
  • Run the following command to check installed java versions.
update-alternatives --config java
  • Now Download Java 8 Jdk version from given download button.
  • After download go to download directory and Run the given command to install java 8 on your system.
dpkg -i openlogic-openjdk-8u262-b10-linux-x64-deb.deb
  • Now again type given command to check and config java from 11 version to 8 version.
update-alternatives --config java
  • Type 2 to select java 8 version.
  • Now change the working directory to Burpsuit and again run given command. Now if click on run button, Burpsuit Professional will start.
cd Burpsuite
java -noverify -jar ESEdition.jar
  • Now Enter the License key, click on Next. Click on Manual activation.
  • Now copy the request and paste in empty request box, you will get response code, copy the reponse code and paste in response empty box.
  • Click on Next and successful finish.
  • Now in everytime when you are going to start burpsuit. Open the BurpSuit directory and run.

You are now ready to use BurpSuit Professional for free. For more Softwares and APKs, subscribe Watch given video more clearification.