How to Install Nmap on Android using Termux 2022 (No Root)

Today in this article, we are going to learn how we can download and install nmap on Android phone termux without rooting the device. Nmap is an Open Source tool of Ethical Hacking that allows you to scan your network and gather important data about the network and all the devices connected to it. As a Good Ethical Hacker you must know how to gather informative data about any device and network and with the help of the Nmap tool you can get all useful information in just few commands. To gather the informative data about the Device Nmap use ARP protocols and then analyses it to get the Information. If you want to know more about Nmap then you can Visit There Official Site

How to Install Termux Emulator on Android?

In Kali Linux, we have a terminal to run the commands similarly in Android we have Termux running as a terminal emulator. It allows us to install any package of kali Linux on Android. If you have not installed termux in your device. you can download the termux from F-Droid. Don’t install termux from Google Playstore. Click below to download F Droid from Official Website.

How to Install Nmap in termux?

Nmap is really important tool of network scanning. In order to avoid all bugs and errors while installing the nmap on Android Mobile phone. We need to update and upgrade the termux. Run the following commands to execute it.

apt update && apt upgrade -y

Nmap is just a basic termux tool. We can install nmap by using pkg install nmap. Basically nmap is available on the termux repository. we just need a simple command to download and install it in our Android mobile phone.

pkg install nmap -y

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How to Use nmap on Android Mobile Phone?

Website Scanning with Nmap:

Nmap is used to scan a website or a network but you must have permissions to scan any network or a website. Basically if you doesn’t have a network or a website, Nmap allows you to scan their own website which is can run the following command to scan your 1st website.


Output of nmap scan:

As you can see after scanning We got an IP address of the websites in just a few seconds. Similarly, we can see here, we have many open ports here, like 22, 80 and so on. Now you can simply exploit these ports. If you want to know more about Nmap then you can watch this video.


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