How to Root any Mobile Phone Without PC – 1000% Safe

Welcome to Today In this article you will get root tutorial of your any Android phone. So Lean how to root any Android device easily without any computer.

What is Root?

If you are new in the world of rooting, so let me explain. With root access you are able to get Administrator-level permissions that are inaccessible to a normal android user. By using root access, you can modify system application or settings. In addition, By enabling root access, you can get access to some advance features of android phone.

Advantages of Rooting Your Android Phone

Rooting your Android phone offers many benefits, some of them are given below:-

  • Running Special apps:- Rooting allows you to run some amazing apps like hacking apps, more customization, battery management options etc.
  • Removing pre-installed apps:- When you root a phone, you’re able to remove unwanted pre-installed apps that come from the company. If you are any Chinese Mobile phone user like Infinix, you know many irrelevant apps are pre Installed, by rooting you can remove it.
  • Extended Memory:- By rooting the Android device, you can use your memory card as default internal memory.
  • Custom ROMs:- The most powerful feature of rooting the device is to Installed Custom ROMs in Mobile phone. There are 100+ of custom ROMs of any phone that increase the phone’s processing speed and change the look. In this way you can extend the life of your phone.

Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android Phone

There are some disadvantages of rooting your Android phone:

  • Voids the phone warranty:- If a phone is rooted, it cannot be serviced under the warranty.
  • Risk of “bricking” a phone:- If the rooting process get failed, phones become brick. A bricked phone is completely unusable.
  • Poor performance:- Sometimes users who root their phones to speed it up or add additional features find their devices lose both performance speed and features because they added some irrelevant malicious apps.
  • Viruses:- Many users root their phone because they want to flash ROMs with custom programs. When a user installs an app or ROM from an unknown source, a risk of installing malicious programs increases.

Compatible Mobile Models



















Compatible Android Versions

64Bit Processors

32Bit Processors

How to Root any Android Phone without Computer?

So Basically in this tutorial we are going to install an apk of Virtual Root. Yes we are going to make a virtual space in our android phone, so this is the best way to safely get root android phone.

1:- Download the app from the given button according to your mobile version.

2:- After Download, Install the apk in your Android phone.

3:-Open the app now and give all permissions including floating window.

4:-Then it starts loading and takes less than 2 mins only.

5:- Now go to System settings =>Root and enable Root.

6:- Then Click on File Transfer and Import Root checker Basic.

7:- Open Root checker basic and click on Verify Root

8:- Congratulations you can now run any app in this Virtual root Memory.

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