Now a days people are so excited about the Battle ground Mobile India. According to the rumors, Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon launch for all the audience of India. Well, we will discuss this in this article, How to recover old PUBG data on BGMI. However, luckily, we got our hands-on Battlegrounds Mobile India early access. We will further discuss how to transfer PUBG data to BGMI. So Let’s do it.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access

As we have hands-on Battlegrounds Mobile India. The gameplay is similar to PUBG. However, there are few changes that you will notice.

  • Now, blood is not referred to be red in the game.
  • At the start of each game, you will get an audio warning saying that remember to take a break
  • The game does not relate to real life.

Well, you will not get your account 100% recovered. There are some things that will recover and some will not. These are all the necessary details you need to know.

Table of Contents

What You Get Back – BGMI

There are a lot of things that you will get recovered once you transfer/merge your account. Below is the list of items/things that will recover.

  • Outfits
  • Skins
  • Character
  • Resources
  • UC currency
  • BP coins
  • TDM loadout
  • TDM guns

What You Don’t Get Back – BGMI

There several things that will not recover include the following:

  • Basic Settings
  • Graphics settings
  • Controls settings
  • Sensitivity
  • Audio settings
  • Scope settings
  • Clan
  • Friends
  • Popularity
  • Ranking

How to Transfer PUBG Data to BGMI

First of all you need to log in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Once you transfer your data, don’t login again in the Global version as it might result to get ban. Then create your character and go for a unique name. Now follow the below steps to start the process.

  • Once you enter the game after login and create your character.
  • Make sure to tap ‘Yes’ when asked that if you live in India otherwise the game will stop, and you will be required to restart the game.

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  • After the completion, the game will ask you that if you want to transfer your PUBG data to BGMI via prompt.
  • In case, if you missed it this prompt then you just need to head to settings.
  • In the top-right section, you will see the “Account Transfer” option. Just click on it.
  • Click yes and you will be redirected to the web login page.
  • Here you need to log in with your account that was linked to PUBG.
  • It will ask for your confirmation that if you want to transfer data or not.
  • Click yes and you will be logged out from your current account in PUBG.
  • The Data Transfer might take 3-5 minutes, so you need to wait
  • After 5 minutes you can log in to the account that you used to log in as show in step1.
  • You will have all your PUBG resources back in BGMI.

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Note:- Please don’t try to log in to your Global version once you transfer your data, as it might result in your ban for 50 years.

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