The Arc Reactor is a real futuristic technology! It can give power to a great man-made of iron! Customize your phone with Tony Stark Style. Arc Reactor Launcher is a theme made for the most common Android Launchers like:

  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • ADW Launcher ex
  • Smart Launcher
  • Holo Launcher

Arc Reactor Launcher is composed of icon sets, wallpapers, interface, and fonts. All apps are totally integrated!

Arc Reactor is projected to perfectly merge the icons to the Android Holo interface, all icons are reprojected to obtain a uniform aspect for your devices!

The whole Arc  Reactor interface is realized with special graphical techniques used to obtain precision and high definition on high-end devices as well as low-end devices! we pay great attention to low memory problems, making our apps small!

Arc Reactor is fully working with all devices, all formats, and all sizes. For those devices that have an Android version inferior to 4.0, we suggest using  Launcher to integrate the theme!

Last but not least, Arc 2 HD Reactor Holo does NOT use advertisement! No authorization for the app and no data required!


  • Live Themes, premium themes,pre-made themes, wallpapers, DIY 
  • Performance center to know all about your phone stats
  • To-Do Notes
  • Arc Exclusive Futuristic Dialer
  • In-Built Color Effect Flashlight
  • 3D Home Screen Transition
  • Battery Optimization
  • One Tap Boost – Boost ram by tapping on Ram Clean
  • Inbuilt App Locker feature with fingerprint and pin
  • Inbuilt Hide Apps feature
  • Futuristic Sound Effects
  • App Drawer with Vertical, Horizontal, and Paged View
  • Quick Search Swipe down and search all your apps & contacts
  • and more
  • Inbuilt Music Player to control any music app within arc launcher
  • Weather & News Update with 23+ languages & Countries
  • Icon Packs compatibility with Icon Packs available on play store
  • Unread Notification Badges
  • Font: Choose from different fonts.

If you have any requests on icons, feel free to request and we will provide as soon as possible!

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