Pakistan is officially a smartphone exporter after shipping over 5,000 4G smartphones – Labeled “Manufactured in Pakistan”, to the UAE. 

According to the Dawn on 13th August, the first load of 5,500 smartphones was manufactured by Inovi Telecom and shipped off to the UAE. Inovi is currently the official partner of Huawei and Sony in Pakistan.

Pakistan becomes Smartphone Exporter by Labeled Manufactured in Pakistan

But now there is a need for an export supportive policy for the Pakistan. This policy will help the country to progress and beat Middle Eastern competitors. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) congratulated the company for this achievement. PTA also hoped the exports of smartphones would increase further.

“This is the result of concerted efforts for the development of mobile device manufacturing ecosystem in the country,” said the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in a statement.

In April 2021, PTA had given the authorization Inovi Telecom to manufacture mobiles in Pakistan. It issued under the mobile manufacturing policy. Within four months, the company prove itself by completing its first export of 5,500 4G smartphones.

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Chief Executive of Inovi Zeeshan Mian Noor said that their main target was to spread it in markets of Middle East including Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We are manufacturing the Chinese brands and there are a large number of expat workers in the Gulf countries, the high-end consumers of Gulf countries prefer top world class mobile brands, and we should not even try to get involved in that market.”

IT and telecom minister Syed Amin ul Haque told the Dawn that Pakistan becomes smartphone exporter. The smuggling of Mobile phones has been stopped through Device Identification Registration and Blocking system (DIRBS).

Chief Executive of Inovi Zeeshan Mian Noor said

The Minister also added next year the local manufactures start moving towards assembling of high-end smartphones after Low-end mobile phone manufactured in Pakistan. Stay tuned with Technical Meer for latest leaks and updates.


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