Microsoft Made Mouse by Recycled Ocean Plastic Waste

Plastic becomes a curse sometimes for living organisms. There are many international companies that work to recycle plastics. Now The World-Famous windows company Microsoft has unveiled a new PC mouse that has been made by plastic. This Plastic mouse has been made by using recycled ocean plastic waste. It is the first contribution in the world’s battle against plastic waste accumulation.

Microsoft Made Ocean Mouse

The shell of the Ocean mouse has been made with 20 percent recycled ocean plastic. Plastic waste was collected and processed into resin pellets. Then these pellets are added to other materials to form a durable shell.

If you are thinking why entirely mouse has not been made from recycled plastic, that’s because the plastic would degrade due to heat, moisture and ultraviolet light. If 100 percent recyclable plastic has been used in mouse, it didn’t make the mouse as reliable and strong. They created a resin blend fusing PET and polycarbonate plastic.

In starting, the goal was to use only 10% recycled ocean plastic. But later the 20 percent recycled Plastic could easily be manufactured for the exterior of the mouse by the weight.

The mouse also has three customizable buttons. It’s also support Bluetooth 4.0, with a range of up to 33 feet. This mouse can support Microsoft’s proprietary SwiftPair which helps the mouse to connect it instantly with any PC.

This isn’t the be-all, end-all. It’s the beginning of a journey. It’s a moment we can take with our customers and say, ‘Hey, we are really thinking about this and working hard at it.’”

Patrick Gaule, the senior designer on the Windows & Devices design team, said

He added, “This is one example, and we want to do more of this. What I really look forward to is the kind of dialogue with our customers who buy these. I want to hear why they did it, what was interesting about it to them. Because that’s only going to help us going forward.”

Price of Recycled Ocean Plastic Waste Mouse

The Ocean Plastic Mouse started shipping on October 5th, priced at $25 which is around PKR 4270.

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