wimlib is an open source library which is basically used for creating, extracting, and modifying Windows Imaging (WIM) archives. WIM is a comparable to ZIP allow user to store various Windows-specific metadata. wimlib has a command-line interface which provide a free cross-platform alternative to Microsoft’s WIMGAPI, ImageX, and DISM. Today in this article you can download wimlib free 64bit or 32bit software.

Table of Contents

Features of wimlib

  • Extract a WIM image by using wimapply.
  • Create a WIM image by using wimcapture.
  • Append, delete, and export WIM images using wimappend, wimdelete and wimexport..
  • Modify a WIM image by using wim update.
  • Extract any file or directory from a WIM image by using wimextract.
  • A user can optimize a WIM archive, removing wasted space and also recompress by using wimoptimize.
  • A user can also Split or join a WIM archive (wimsplit, wimjoin)

wimlib-imagex documentation

For Developers:

Developer can download or use wimlib by using given command

git clone git://wimlib.net/wimlib

Download wimlib

Current release: wimlib-1.13.5 (released Dec 19, 2021)

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