StormFiber, Pakistani famous fiber-based internet service provider (ISP) was briefly attacked by Indian hackers. The hack occurred around 12 pm yesterday and trying to get to the website showed a giant Indian flag with the hacker’s username and a message that said “We are tired of sniffing PAK Defence Data”.

The website’s home page was quickly taken down by StormFiber for safeguarding purposes. Fortunately, only the home page was hacked and the company’s backend remains safe, meaning client data and other private information are still safe.

We reached out to StormFiber for an official comment on the matter. The ISP confirmed that the website was attacked by foreign hackers and the landing page was changed. The website was taken down, so it very well may be sanitized and patched promptly.


In the statement, StormFiber also confirms that they are working on another website that will be deployed next month. This new website is based on the “latest technology and infrastructure”.

They are also working on securing client card numbers through tokenization. This will save your card details, so you don’t have to enter them again each and every time you visit the website. Make sure to Subscribe to our site for latest blogs like this.