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  • Introduction to Web Bug Hunting
  • What is a Website & How its Work?
  • Information Disclosure Vulnerability
  • Burp Intercepter, Repeater, Intruder
  • Broken Access Control
  • Path Traversal Vulnerability
  • OAuth 2.0 Vulnerabilities
  • XSS (Cross Site Script)
  • File Upload Attack
  • Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
  • Remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilities
  • SQL Injection
  • Live Web Bug Bounty
  • Introduction to API Pentesting
  • API Types & API Security
  • API Enumeration
  • Introduction to Android Bug Hunting
  • Android Pentesting Lab Setup
  • Android Static Analysis
  • Android Dynamic Analysis
  • Live Android Bug Bounty

Introduction Outline :

The ‘BugHunter – Make Money Course’ helps you become a successful bug bounty hunter and make money online. It teaches you how to find and report security issues in websites, Api’s and Android Apps, all while following the rules. After the course, you’ll be all set to use your skills to make money online.

  1. Introduction to Web Bug Hunting
  2. What is a Website & How its Work?
  3. Information Disclosure Vulnerability
  4. Burp Intercepter, Repeater, Intruder
  5. Broken Access Control
  6. Path Traversal Vulnerability
  7. OAuth 2.0 Vulnerabilities
  8. XSS (Cross Site Script)
  9. File Upload Attack
  10. Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
  11. Remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilities
  12. SQL Injection
  13. Live Web Bug Bounty
  14. Introduction to API Pentesting
  15. API Types & API Security
  16. API Enumeration
  17. introduction to Android Bug Hunting
  18. Android Pentesting Lab Setup
  19. Android Static Analysis
  20. Android Dynamic Analysis
  21. Live Android Bug Bounty

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Classes of the Training will be on a weekly basis.
  • A Student can choose any slot from two times 9 to 11 AM or 9 to 11 PM on Saturday & Sunday.
  • A Student need only a laptop or pc for the Zoom sessions.
  • All Required Hacking Lab or Hacking tools will be provided for Free in this course.
  • After the payment, a student can join a premium WhatsApp group with the Direct coordination of Technical Meer.
  • Students can give payments in two Installments.
  • A Student will get Certification from Technical Meer after the completion of Training.
  • The course materials provided are for educational purposes only and should not be used for any illegal or malicious activities.
  • The course instructors and organizers are not liable for any misuse of the knowledge or skills acquired during the training.

Requirements & Recommendations:

  1. Must have Basic Knowledge of Ethical Hacking.


The cyber security course aims to educate participants about the field of cyber security and promote ethical practices. The course content does not endorse or support any illegal activities or malicious intent. Participants are solely responsible for their actions and should use the knowledge gained responsibly and legally.

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