So this is the first time in the history of Web, YouTube and Telegram that we come with the updated no recoil config file for 1.7 version of PUBG MOBILE. In this config file of No recoil of 1.7v PUBG Mobile Global you will get No Recoil, No Grass, Less Smoke, Black Sky and 90FPS. This Config file for 1.7v work on PUBG Global, PUBG KR and BGMI.

Let’s talk about in details how you can download and use these mods.

Features of PUBG Mobile 1.7v Config File

  • No Recoil
  • No Grass
  • Less Smoke
  • Black Sky
  • 90 FPS

No Recoil Config file

No Recoil config file help you to control recoil in game. Recoil mean the jerk when the player shoot from any gun. No recoil mean the player do not get any recoil. It will help you to smoothly finish the enemy.

No Grass Config

This config file help you to remove Grass from all maps. It will also help you to find snakes in Sanhok and also help in last zone

Less Smoke Config

Sometimes enemies tries to hide themselves by using smoke grenade or natural smoke. But after using this file you will see the enemies even they are in smoke.

90 FPS Config file

In this mod config file, you will get 90 FPS. It will not show in the setting, but you can feel it while playing the game. The FPS is so important to defeat the enemy while taking a fight. That’s the reason all new Gaming mobiles are coming with 90 FPS Feature.

Black Sky

In this Config file you will get Black sky in all around the map. The Black sky will help you to Separate ground and sky, in this way you can easily find out the enemies exact location.

How to Apply PUBG Global White Body Config file?

In Order to apply this file you just need to install the apk in your device and also watch the video .

Supported Versions and Devices


How to Download PUBG MOBILE 1.7v Config file ?

In order to download the file click below

Password:- MEERPLUS

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