PUBG MOBILE C1S2 NO-RECOIL + White Body High Damage Config FILE is a safe file for Main PUBG MOBILE

PUBG Mobile is the best game in the world which have more than 85 million daily players. PUBG Mobile change the whole industry of game. It has a lot of crazes among the kids and youth. If you win you get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG MOBILE. Today I will give you some extra mods, if you apply these mods in PUBG Mobile you will get many advances features like no recoil, white body, no grass, less smoke etc. Let’s Talk about in details.

Features of PUBG MOBILE No Recoil White Body File

  • No Recoil
  • Pure White Body
  • No Grass
  • Less Smoke
  • Black Sky
  • High Damage file
  • 90FPS Stable
  • 100% Antiban

What does it mean by PUBG MOBILE No recoil?

If you want to know, what does it mean by PUBG Mobile No Recoil so first learn about Newton’s third law of Motion. We know, Newton’s third law of motion states that,

To every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

In PUBG mobile, when a user fire the bullets from any gun, the bullets go out in a great velocity from the gun that’s give backward jerk. This backward jerk is called recoil.

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The higher the velocity of the firing of the gun have the higher the recoil. So, you do not feel no recoil in pistols and SMGs, but you feel high recoil once you use AR or Bolt Action Rifles due to the speed the bullets.

Have a look at this sensitivity that you can try for yourself.

PUBG Mod-Pure White Body

This Feature will help you to find out the enemy from long distance. Normal enemies can hide themselves in Strange positions. But due to White body mod you can get position easily.

PUBG Mod – No Grass :-

This mod will help you in the last zone where enemies get prone. I loved this mod because of snakes. Because snake are more dangerous than camper they surprisingly attack you and will kill you. So say no to snakes.

PUBG Mod– Remove Fog: –

In this PUBG Mobile you might get desperate while taking a long-distance fight in fog. So, the fog is removed in PUBG Mobile No Recoil and White Body Config.

PUBG Mobile – FPS Increased to 90: –

The FPS in this PUBG Mobile No Recoil is so important. In this mod it will be increased to 90. It will not show in the setting, but you can feel it while playing the game. The FPS is important while taking a fight. If your fps is high then it means you can easily defeat your enemy.


In Order to apply this file you need to watch the video because it so complicated to apply these files.



How to Download PUBG MOBILE No Recoil White Body File ?

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