Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2: A Vulnerable Operating System for Ethical Hacking


For ethical hacking and penetration testing, Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2 is an operating system that has been intentionally made vulnerable. It is a useful tool for enhancing the knowledge and practical expertise of cybersecurity professionals in locating and exploiting vulnerabilities. This article will examine Metasploitable 2’s capabilities, applications, and advantages as a teaching tool for aspiring ethical hackers.

What is Metasploitable2?

A virtual machine-based operating system based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution is called Metasploitable 2. It has various flaws, incorrect configurations, and inadequate security settings on purpose. Security professionals may practise their abilities in a safe environment and replicate real-world circumstances using Metasploitable 2 without endangering actual systems.

Features & Vulnerabilities:

The operating system, network services, web applications, and database systems are just a few of the components that are pre-configured with a wide variety of vulnerabilities in Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2. Users can learn about the possible hazards and attack routes that bad actors could utilise by using a range of tools and approaches to exploit these vulnerabilities.

The operating system has default settings, outdated applications, and weak passwords. Older versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP are purposefully left vulnerable, as well as FTP and Telnet. The Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2 environment includes web apps with known vulnerabilities, such as Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA).

Uses and Benfits:

  • Practise for Ethical Hackers: Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2 offers a great setting for ethical hackers to hone their abilities in a safe and compliant setting. To better comprehend actual attack situations, they can investigate various exploitation techniques like remote code execution, privilege escalation, and SQL injection.
  • Training for Penetration Testing: To conduct thorough evaluations of systems and networks, penetration testers can use Metasploitable 2. They can find flaws and offer helpful insights to enhance security measures in real-world environments by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the virtual environment.
  • Learning Tool: For cybersecurity students and enthusiasts, Metasploitable 2 is a useful instructional resource. It provides a useful framework for comprehending the structure of vulnerabilities and the techniques employed to exploit them.
  • Knowledge of the Tool: Metasploitable 2 is the best platform for getting to know the Metasploit Framework, a potent penetration testing tool. Users can master the use of Metasploit modules, payloads, and exploits by taking advantage of flaws in the virtual environment. This will help them better defend against similar assaults in the future.
  • Security Research and Development: Metasploitable 2 can be used by researchers and developers to investigate novel vulnerabilities, create exploits, and test security solutions. The system’s purposeful vulnerability enables thorough investigation and the identification of fresh attack paths.

Download Lab:

The Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2 can be download from the given button.


For students, cybersecurity enthusiasts, penetration testers, ethical hackers, and students, Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2 provides a useful training platform. It helps users to obtain actual experience in exploiting vulnerabilities and understand the strategies used by hostile actors by offering a purposefully weak environment. Technical Meer’s Metasploitable 2 should be used sensibly and in compliance with accepted moral and legal principles. Aspiring cybersecurity experts can polish their abilities and support continuing efforts to secure digital systems and networks by utilising this potent tool.

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