WhatsApp is the world’s most popular encrypted messaging service, which is constantly adding new features. According to the new Beta updates, An “expiring media” feature is currently rolling out on the beta versions of WhatsApp. Now there’s one more interesting feature rolling out that WhatsApp may finally allow you to choose what video quality will be uploaded when you send a video to someone.

Thanks to WABetainfo who spotted first this feature, and while WhatsApp are currently working on it. This feature will be very useful. Because it allows user to allow the video quality before sending or uploading as it means that you can save bandwidth or share the video without heavy compression

Let’s talk about these three options that was given by WABetaInfo.

  • Auto (recommended): WhatsApp will detect what is the best compression algorithm for specific videos.
  • Best quality: WhatsApp will always send the video using the best quality available!
  • Data saver: when Data saver is enabled in your Android settings, WhatsApp will compress videos before sending them.

This Feature is not currently active even in the beta versions. But we are expecting to come soon in the future. Today, some people have slow internet, that’s why WhatsApp automatic compress the videos. It’s become easier for sender or receiver. But in the future, the files will also take up less space when backed up to Google Drive. This will save your storage space in your Google account. Stay tuned with TechnicalMeer for more latest leaks and updates. By the way, do you know WhatsApp hides ‘Online’ Indicator in WhatsApp Business.