According to beta updates, WhatsApp has now hidden the “Online” status Indicator for the WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular encrypted messaging service which is constantly adding new features. According to a new report, which stated that WhatsApp has removed online status ability of a Business account in the latest Beta version. This ability is only removed in Android beta version.

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The online status indicator was firstly added to WhatsApp Business in 2018. When this services were firstly launched for small business. However, The famous feature leaker WABetaInfo reports that the function to check the online status of a business account has been turned off.

According to WABetaInfo, a few testers reported that version of WhatsApp beta have initially believed it to be a bug. But after soon it is confirmed that the beta version of WhatsApp have no ability of viewing online status. May be with the online status, the “last seen” is also no longer visible.

Many users have requested for this removal, but many others use the feature regularly. There is no word on WhatsApp will also remove the online indicator or not.