WhatsApp is the world’s most popular encrypted messaging service, which is constantly adding new features. According to the new Beta updates, An “Encrypted Cloud Backups” feature is currently rolling out on the WhatsApp beta versions. In order to ensure further privacy and security for users, WhatsApp is adding cloud backups in its app. This feature is currently in beta testing and was first spotted/leaked by popular platform WABetaInfo in a recent tweet.

What does Encrypting your backups means?

WhatsApp Beta

It’s mean you have to choose a password to encrypt your future backups. This password will always be needed to insert when you restore a backup, otherwise a user won’t be able to restore his chat history. As your old sensitive data, This password is also private. And it’s not shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or any other company.

If you forget your password then you can use an encryption key that can be used to restore your password. It contains numeric digits and lowercase letters between “a” and “f”. The catch point is that if you lose your passcode or your 64 digit recovery key too then your encrypted backups will be locked forever. These backups will be something even WhatsApp will not be able to recover.

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