On 16 August 2021, The Taliban seized the Afghan capital, Kabul. On Tuesday, YouTube said it has made a long policy of not allowing accounts that are associated with Taliban. As other social media companies faced questions about how they would handle the group that gained fast control on Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s gained the power for the first time in 20 years. The Financial Times reported that Facebook’s WhatsApp service has shut down a complaint’s helpline for Afghans. This was set up by the Facebook Group after Taliban took control of Kabul on Sunday.

A WhatsApp spokesperson has declined this comment, but said the service was stopped under the US sanctions laws to ban accounts that appear to represent themselves as official accounts of the Taliban.

Facebook and WhatsApp Stop Services to Taliban

Facebook Block emergency hotline for civilians like violence, looting or other problems on Tuesday, along with other official Taliban channels, the report said. Facebook said on Monday. They designate the Taliban a terrorist group and bans it and content supporting it from its platforms.

Now when asked by YouTube that if it banned the group on Monday, YouTube declined this comment. But it said on Tuesday that its stop of the group was a long-standing.

The Taliban’s fast takeover of Afghanistan give challenges for major social media platforms on what and who should be allowed on their platforms.

Twitter, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the same question.

Taliban spokesmen with thousands of followers have tweeted during the country’s takeover. A Twitter said in a statement that the network would review content, and take action against it. But till time twitter did not take any step or restrictions on the Taliban as a group or how it classifies violent organizations.

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